It is the mission of the HRC Uncork'd Wine Society to generate first class wine related events and tastings as both an opportunity for wine education and to draw both novice and advanced wine lovers together in a forum that enhances their Club experience.


Uncork'd Recently Hosted a Wine Exchange,
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Uncork'd Wine Exchange

Membership Benefits
Quarterly themed wine tasting events
Chef Wine Dinners
Private Vendor/Winemaker Tastings
Wine Education
Complimentary or special membership priced wine events
10% discount on bottled wine sold at HRC (includes holidays)
20% duty free at Uncork'd San Francisco Airport
Receive two HRC Uncork'd wine glasses

Membership Fee
You receive this offering and all of its benefits for only 225.00 per year per membership with a one time charge in January. This is a non profit Wine Society and the monies will go toward subsidizing the cost of future wine related events and materials.

If you have any questions regarding Uncork'd, please feel free to email

HRC Uncork'd Committee Members

Lindsey Zanovich
Joel Phipps
Cary Dunham
Bob Stagg
Chip Letton
Juanita Smith
Leah Leggett
Albert Schneuwly
Dominique Moran
Mathew Bain
Amydell Beardshall
Kim Perdomo