February 22, 2019

Weekly Update from Upper Elementary

February 22, 2019

            Upper Elementary has had a short week because of scheduled days off as well as an unexpected snow day, but it gave us an opportunity to work in multiple whole group activities to strengthen our collaboration skills.  Middle school has been working on running a fundraiser called Pennies ...

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Spelling Unit 22

Spelling Unit 22: Test on Friday, March 1, 2019

4th Grade - Base Words with Suffixes: -er, -est

cuter, nearer, thinnest, kinder, easiest, funnier, nearest, happier, kindest, thinner, quietest, funniest, safer, quieter, safest, quicker, cutest, easier, quickest, happiest

5th Grade - Compound Words

outline, home run, full-time, up-to-date, homework, peanut butter, waterproof, ma ...

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February 15, 2019

The two snow days shortened our week in Upper Elementary. However, we made the most of the week by catching up on some corrections and working through work that was due in the beginning of the week.  In math this week, the 6thgraders were applying the rules of signed numbers as they have begun order of operations and the 5thgraders continued work with decimals.  The 4thgraders are using the work they have done on their multiplication facts ...

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February 8, 2019

Upper elementary has had a great week. We have been practicing our spring show songs. This week we met our new Spanish teacher, Mrs. Roche.   In history, we used the eight basic strokes of Chinese calligraphy to create our own Chinese characters.  We began chemistry this week with an introduction demonstration as well as learning about the three states of matter.  Also, we continued using map skills in geography by using lines of latitude and longitude to lo ...

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Spelling Unit 21

Spelling Unit 21 - Test: Friday, February 15, 2018

4th Grade - Schwa + r: er, or

gather, winter, master, tractor, shower, major, danger, enter, whether, water, thunder, eager, bitter, silver, minor, neither, wonder, either, rather, together

5th Grade - Endings: -en, -ize

broken, frighten, specialize, organize, shaken, fertilize, awaken, realize, loosen, summarize, criticize, f ...

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