Pet Therapy (WAGS)

Since November, St. Leonard Community School has welcomed Pet Ambassador teams from Wonderful Animals Giving Support (WAGS). The teams visit grades K-4 monthly as an incentive for students for read. Research indicates that reading with a dog can improve children's motivation to read, and also increase understanding of how to treat an animal.

8th Grade Rollercoaster Showcase

Mrs. Ousley's 8th grade Science Class presented their Roller Coaster Showcase this afternoon! Students used the physical science concepts and skills that they have learned throughout the trimester to collaborate, plan, and problem solve together!

Preschool and 5th Grade Buddies!

St. Leonard Community Preschool students were thrilled to include their beloved 5th grade buddies in yesterday's Polar Express celebration. Buddies met to work on a Polar Express "what is different" sheet and a name train craft! After the event, 5th grade students shared their thoughts:

-"When I guided his hand, he was better able to work on his own" 

-"We didn't want it to end!"

-"They trust me"

-"I modeled problem solving for my buddy"

Great job buddies!! Keep up the good work!   #smallisBIG

Polar Express Day (Preschool)

We are thankful and blessed to welcome Father B.J. back to St. Leonard Community School as the conductor of the Preschool Polar Express!