Desk Update for Grades 1st-4th

Posted Date

Hello Incarnation Parents,
Through the wonderful generosity of Incarnation School’s PTO and Crusader Club, new student desks and chairs have been ordered for all sixteen classrooms in grades one, two, three, and four! Thank you, PTO and Crusader Club!
Unfortunately, the shipment of our beautiful new desks and chairs has been delayed. The original ship date was August 1st and the manufacturer has now changed the date several times. We made plans based upon the original ship date, and the old desks and chairs were removed from the building through volunteer manpower and donated services. As a result, the first through fourth grade classrooms do not have student desks and chairs and will not have them for open house. 
Please plan to bring your child’s school supplies as usual. All teachers will have paper sacks for you to label with your child’s name and use for storing supplies. This system will allow students to keep their supplies safe and organized until they can be placed in desks. 
I am very hopeful that the desks and chairs will be delivered in time for the first day of school. Incarnation’s wonderful and creative teachers have plans in place should the delivery not happen by Thursday morning. I will keep you updated as we learn more. 
Thank you in advance for your patience and good humor with this situation. I know this is a less than ideal beginning to the year, however, I think the new desks and chairs will certainly be worth the wait! 
Blessings -
Leah Coghlan
Incarnation School