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February 9, 2018


Dear Incarnation Families,


             The Incarnation School Community will soon have a Facebook page that will display our everyday happenings so that families will have a glimpse of classrooms and hallways as those in our school community walk in the footsteps of Jesus each day. Educational updates, messages, pictures, and videos will be presented for your viewing pleasure.  Highlighted will be: 1) mission-focused charity and volunteer work, 2) stories about our children's good deeds and work, 3) testimonials from current families and past graduates, and 4) major parish/school/athletic events. We look forward to presenting short videos of what's happening at Incarnation as often as possible!

           Communication is important for our families, and we strive to provide peace of mind about children's faith-filled, safe school day. However, daily communications about dress-down-days, parent/teacher conferences, policy issues, surveys, and other daily internal communications will continue to be pushed via our Development Department and I-News and will NOT be on the Facebook page. You can immediately access our Facebook page by searching Incarnation Catholic School. 

           While we have multiple means of communication, please remember that checking Plus Portals or simply picking up the phone and calling the office to speak with the principal, assistant principal, teachers, or staff is the best contact if you want a direct and official response.  We welcome your insights, and we are always willing to help you find the best avenue for resources when you have questions.  

         God bless you for having confidence in our faculty and staff. We have a wonderful facility, but the community of believers is the pillar of our success.


Yours in Christ,


Cheryl C. Reichel, Principal


Respect for those who do not want their child's pictures on Facebook (or the internet in general) will be carefully monitored, and only those with Administrative access will be permitted to post pictures on Incarnation's Facebook page.







Ellen Miller

Director of Development 

Incarnation School

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence 2013