Open House Schedule

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“A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence”


Sunday, August 14, 2016, 12:00-2:30 PM

Scheduled Presentations are in the Parish Center and Open House in the Classrooms!


Welcome to a new year!

The Outdoor Classroom is the highlight of the opening of this school year, and Open House will be a great presentation to families.  The Teachers and Staff are looking forward to meeting with you and providing you with important information for the 2016-2017 school year.  This has been a busy summer, and all have been energetically working to have this parish school be a safe and welcoming place for our children and their families. Presentations will be in the Parish Center (see times below), and teachers and staff will be in their rooms to meet you when they are not presenting information in the Parish Center.  Names and classroom locations are listed on the back of this schedule or they are below if this is an email. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT you may bring your child’s classroom supplies and materials to the Open House or to school on the first day. 

N.B. We have added a fifth Kindergarten classroom to diminish the wait list, and the PreSchool 4’s class has moved!  It is now in the Parish Center with new safety features! 


*TIMES             PROGRAMS                                        LOCATION


11:00-12:00           New Student Orientation                              School Cafeteria (MPR)


12:00-12:30           Meet teachers in their classrooms                   Visit classrooms


12:30-2:30            MEDIA CENTER, LIBRARY, ART, GENERAL        Visit classrooms or meet in school lobby                            MUSIC, BAND, ORCHESTRA, Religion Director,

& PHYSICAL EDUCATION                                 


12:30-2:30            AUXILIARY FACULTY                                  Introductions will be at grade level mtgs.                                                                                                  

12:30-1:00            KINDERGARTEN PROGRAMS                                  PARISH CENTER LOBBY

                          (Includes Kindergarten, Early Fives,                 & Room 104 a-b (E5 & PS4)

                          PreSchool4’s, and Extended Day)


12:30-1:00            GRADE ONE                                             PARISH CENTER GYM  


1:00-1:30              GRADE TWO                                            PARISH CENTER LOBBY


1:00-1:30              GRADE THREE                                                   PARISH CENTER GYM


1:30-2:00              GRADE FOUR                                            PARISH CENTER LOBBY


1:30-2:00              GRADE FIVE                                             PARISH CENTER GYM


2:00-2:30              GRADE SIX                                              PARISH CENTER LOBBY


2:00-2:30              GRADES SEVEN AND EIGHT                         PARISH CENTER GYM


2:30                    HOMEWARD! THANKS FOR COMING!



*NOTE:  When Teams are not presenting in the Parish Center, they will be in their classrooms or the “ARC – Academic Resource Center for Interventions” (modular unit behind school).